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Post  mombear on Sat Apr 20, 2013 11:57 am

heya all Smile im the new girl. my username is mommabear but you can caall me ashley if you like. i have been playing ogaame for about 7 months and i really enjoy the game. i also normally have a safe haven for guild ships at 1:119:12. it is normally filled with ground defenses. yesterday the number 20th ranked player shot 250 nukes at me(no that isnt a typo. i was 250) so it knocked down a portion of my ground cannons. so give me a few days and it will be rebuilt and shiney new *laughs*. anyway im here to help if i can so dont hesitate to pm me and on a side note. i also play star trek online if any of you guys do if you want you can pm and i will give my toon name there


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